About us

Founded in 2011, Structure Marlow is a reference in the field of steel. Our history is shaped by the commitment to excellence, simplicity and authenticity, values ​​that continue to guide us in each of our actions.

Under the chairmanship of Frederik Marlow, Structure Marlow has evolved into a major player with an impressive production capacity of 5,000 tonnes per year. This success is the result of an unwavering dedication to quality and an exceptional team, made up of experts with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the steel field.

The second generation of the Marlow family is now taking the reins of the company, ensuring a harmonious and lasting transition. This continuity ensures a long-term vision and in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs, strengthening our position as a trusted partner.

Structure Marlow stands out for its versatility. Whether for small-scale projects or initiatives up to 500,000 square feet, we have the equipment to meet all requests. Our five strategically located factories serve Quebec and Ontario, ensuring efficient and rapid distribution of our products.

For us, each project is an opportunity to demonstrate our expertise, our commitment to our clients and our ability to exceed expectations. Thank you for choosing Structure Marlow as your preferred partner for all your steel needs. We look forward to collaborating with you and contributing to the success of your projects.




As specialists in Design and Build, we are committed to bringing your ideas to life with creativity and precision.

Our approach is based on simplicity, favoring clear and effective solutions, and on authenticity, guaranteeing partnerships based on transparency and trust.